Icemeltland Park back in Istanbul.


Earth the New Mars in South Korea this week!


Icemeltland Park in Perugia as part of ECOVISIONI Sharper Night!


Earth the new Mars is in the Vision du Reel Film Market 2023 until 30 April


HOPE DIES LAST #ukraine, new Fairee News episode is out

Icemeltland Park in full is now on YouTube

Earth the new Mars selezionato all’Ischia Film Festival nella sezione Scenari Fuori Concorso

Icemeltland Park is part of the Locarno Shorts Weeks, available to watch online 16-22/February.

Icemeltland Park in Spain

Icemeltland Park ad Aosta!

Icemeltland Park a Bosco Chiesanuova

They speak in Spanish about Icemeltland Park

Menzione Speciale delle giuria ad Icemeltland Park!

Lovely review by Nagehan Uskan after the screening at Documentarist Istanbul!

Icemeltland Park is nominated for a FIPRESCI award at the 14 Documentarist Istanbul

Icemeltland Park partecipa al Concorso DOC a Cuneo!

Icemeltland Park in Valencia!

Icemeltland Park part of the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival outreach programme

UK premiere for Icemeltland Park!

Recensione di Icemeltland Park a cura di Giampiero Raganelli

Icemeltland Park wins the Jury Special Mention at the Trento Film Festival!

In Bruxelles at the Millenium Film Festival for the month of May

Icemeltland Park in concorso al Trento Film Festival!

Icemeltland Park disponibile gratuitamente onDemand su PiùCompagnia dal 22 al 28 Aprile

Icemeltland Park to South Korea! This is super exciting

Icemeltland Park in the Go Green programme in Barcelona April and May

Recensione di Homemade Docuseries a cura di Dario Agazzi

Loving this review :-)

The amusement park featuring ice melting all over the place is going to Norway

Icemeltland Park screening at the Zumzeig Cinema in Barcelona!

Review by Victor Esquirol

New review by Laurence Perron

Found this review by Kris Shrishak

Icemeltland Park goes to Finland! International Competition at the Tampere Film Festival

Jury Award to Icemeltland Park at the Festival Signor da Noite in Lisboa

All episodes of Homemade Docuseries are now online

Icemeltland Park review by Matthieu Li-Goyette

The amusement park featuring ice melting is showing in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Icemeltland Park by Cole Paquet

They talk in French about Icemeltland Park

Interview with Apolline Caron-Ottavi for RIDM Montreal

First canadian review for Icemeltland Park

Icemeltland Park a Firenze dal 15 al 22 Novembre

Episode finale of the Homemade Docuseries is now online!

Icemeltland Park heading to RIDM Montreal

First exhibition installation for Icemeltland Park! Marseille 12th Nov – 21 Jan 2021

Icemeltland Park screening in Berlin as part of Signes du Nuit (Zeichen der Nacht)

Ep 5 is out now! Available online for one week

Spanish version of Icemeltland Park is going to Mexico!

Recensione di Icemeltland Park – Il Termopolio

Homemade docuserie episode 4 is now available online for one week

Recensione di Icemeltland Park – Ma Se Domani

Icemeltland Park riceve una Menzione Speciale dalla Critica Indipendente guidata da Ugo Brusaporco

Icemeltland Park review – Filmexplorer

Parlano di Icemeltland Park – La Provincia di Como

Icemeltland Park review – C7NEMA

Si parla di Icemeltland Park – laRegione Ticino

Icemeltland Park in Director’s Notes top 10

Icemeltland Park, a review –

Icemeltland Park review – Cinemaitaliano.Info

Icemeltland Park in the Pardi di Domani International Competition at the Locarno Film Festival!

Ep 3 of Homemade Docuserie is out now available to watch online for the next week

Icemeltland Park selezionato all’Ischia Film Festival nella sezione Location Negata

Ep. 2 of Homemade Docueserie is out now available online for the next week

15th May 2020 – Web seminar with 1st and 2nd year students of the Brera’s Academy in Milan. Hosted by Ilaria Pezone (on the left in this picture).

Music video of new song is out

‘Mi chiamo COVID’ Ep 1 of new docuseries is out now and will stay online for the next week

Icemeltland Park selected for the Media Library 2020 | Vision du Reel International Film Festival

Interview by Dario Agazzi – Rapporto Confidenziale

PRELUDIO review – Rapporto Confidenziale

PRELUDIO screening this June at the 55th Pesaro Film Festival in the SATELLITE program

Wildfire in Paradise is screening at the West Virginia University as part of WVSFF2019

xxxxxxx screening in Barcelona this April as part of Blogs&Docs, program curated by Miguel Freixas

xxxxxxx screening in New York as part of VAEFF 2017 on the Margins program

xxxxxxx review – Cortosfera

xxxxxxx receives Jury Special Mention for Best Short Film in Las Fugas Competition at Documenta Madrid 2017

xxxxxxx selected at Documenta Madrid 2017